Antique Gold Lux Frame Convex Mirror


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The Antique Gold Lux Frame Convex Mirror is a statement mirror that brings effortless style to your walls! Designed with a convex mirror at the centre, the decorative frame is finished in an antique gold colour palette that goes with everything.

Mirrors are a must-have for spaces both large and small and the Antique Gold Lux Frame Convex Mirror is the perfect design to display anywhere from your bathroom to your hallway or bedroom. Introducing instant glamour, the ornate gold frame has a traditional feel that adds character and charm to any setting. To create a fabulous feature with this round wall mirror, we recommend pairing the design with dark walls and a pop of greenery from your favourite houseplants or pair it with some other mirrors.

Product Dimensions:

19.5cm x 19.5cm x 1.7cm

Main Material: Resin
Colour: Gold