Kintsugi Repair Kit


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Kintsugi or "golden joinery" is an old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. By mending broken objects with a precious materials like gold, the marks and scars of the item are emphasised, giving it a new perspective, character and beauty while offering it a renewed longevity.

The New Kintsugi Repair Kit combines this lovely old technique with new technology for an ever so slightly more modern take on repairing broken heirlooms and essential accessories.

The New Kintsugi Repair Kit formula works with ceramics and other hard materials such as glass, wood, marble or hard plastics.
  •  A single New Kintsugi Repair Kit can be used multiple times to fix up to 10 items*
  • The New Kintsugi Repair Kit contains:
    A step by step manual // Bison epoxy fast glue, 24ml // Bison epoxy putty // 4g gold powder // Paint brush // Gloves // Bamboo mixing sticks
  • Choice of gold, silver, bronze or copper
  • Please make sure to read the Kintsugi Kit manual before use 
  • When you are ready let it dry for 48 hours so the glue can fully set and than, all ready for use!