The Copper & Plush Story

The idea behind Copper & Plush came to me as I was converting an old townhouse which I bought with the aim of creating my dream home. I have always had a clear vision of what I wanted my home to look like; a space that reflected my personal style & personality. Growing up with a mum who had a keen interest in sophisticated, elegant and classic styles has undoubtedly influenced my own taste in home décor. 

I spent all my free time trailing antique shops and searching countless online shops in the hopes of sourcing the ideal home furniture and accessories; pieces which were unique, of great quality and at the same time affordable. With an extremely demanding full-time job, I can assure you this was no easy feat!

By this time, I had been working in finance and slowly climbing the corporate ladder for more than 10 years and even though I didn’t hate my job, I was finding that the process of renovating and sourcing products for my new home was satisfying a craving to express my creativity which had always been in me but was never put to good use up until this moment. I wanted to feel this joy and excitement during my workdays as well, so that’s when I decided I would put my heart and soul into creating this business.

Following numerous attempts to find the perfect brand name … Copper & Plush was born in 2021! The name evokes style, quality and exquisite home products which withstand the test of time; ageless pieces that are sourced from carefully selected reputable brands and manufacturers.

3 years later, in 2024 we have also opened our first Boutique in Mosta!

Aside from our unique product offerings, we aim to inspire and connect with you via our blog, newsletters and our buzzing social media channels. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are always available to discuss with you and give you advise about your home décor plans.

Ultimately, our mission at Copper & Plush is to inspire you to curate a magical and extraordinary home of your dreams.

With love,